Artist Statement for 2010 Idaho Triennial

Artists and Scientists, alike, are explorers. In overly simplified terms, scientists use logic and rational methods to understand of the world, while artists use intuition and irrational means to glimpse reality.

BOCOLAB is a collaborative effort to bring together these two methodologies. Like many artists and scientists of the past, it is our goal to explore the relationship between humans and our environment. Today, our environment is dominated by a rapid introduction of digital technologies, which has created an entirely new dimension in our cultural and physical landscape. It is this nexus of the physical and the virtual that we are currently investigating. BOCOLAB shares the idea that innovation, inspiration, meaning, and magic can all emerge from the intersection of art and science.

The current installation is comprised of 3 robotic, interactive sculptures–a chair, a table, and a lamp. In this piece we are exploring the relationship between our selves and our creations, as they evolve.

Francis Fox
Caleb Chung
John Sosoka

Boise Art Museum

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